NARACES Research Grant Winners


  • Poonam V. Doshi and Joseph Franco: Mentoring counselor education doctoral students: Application of self-determination theory and self-compassion model.
  • Kelsey Sarasqueta-Allen: SEPPEI: The development of the self-efficacy and public policy engagement inventory
  • Hongshan Shao and Zhaopu (Ken) Xu: Thinking beyond diversity statement: The experience and understandings of diversity and inclusion from underrepresented faculty members


  • Nayoung Kim: Investigating the relationship between perceived discrimination, social support, and wellness amoung Asian/Asian American counseling students
  • Kevin White, with Joanna Collins, Brittney Barnett, and Katherine BarkerPerceptions of online multicultural courses for practical preparedness
  • Kaitlyn ForristalThe experiences of fat students in counselor education programs


  • Fanghui Zhao, with Hongshan Shao, Yangyang Liu, and Elizabeth Prosek: Informing Racial Social Justice Advocacy: Voices from Asian International Counselor Trainees 
  • Joel Brown: African American Counseling Students’ Interactions with Faculty
  • Nayoung Kim: Investigating the Relationship between Perceived Discrimination, Stigma, and Social Support among Racial/ Ethnic Minority College Students


  • Seungbin Oh: Development and validation of a new client-rated assessment: Client assessment of multiculturally competent behavior
  • John Harrichand (PI) with Krista Kirk, Patricia Kimball, Lucy Phillips, & MIchael Takacs: Teaching the teacher: Maneuvering student-faculty dynamics in counselor education
  • Kellie Forziat Pytel (PI) with Angelica Galvan: Recruitment and inclusion in counselor education