Each spring, people are invited to submit a research grant proposal.

Evaluation Criteria: A panel of reviewers will evaluate research proposals using the following criteria:

  • The researcher is a current member of NARACES
  • The researcher submitted only one grant proposal this review cycle
  • Points will be awarded according to the following formula:
    • Proposed topic is within the scope of counselor education and supervision (30 pts.)
    • Relevance of research or practice to counselor education and supervision as evidenced by the literature review (30 pts.)
    • Strength and clarity of the research methodology or description of program (30 pts.)
    • Applicable ethical standards for research with human subjects (10 pts.)
  • Note: Funds may not be used for time compensation, including GA work, unless you provide the “employee” with a 1099 Form submitted to the IRS, so that they are taxed appropriately. The budget may include payment for time if the recipient (e.g., transcription company, statistical consultant) accounts for the self-employment or business income and provides a receipt. Receipts must be maintained by the Primary Researcher and made available should ACES request the records.

As a condition of the acceptance of the grant award, the researcher is required to:

  • Submit a final report the October following the award of the grant, including a description of research activities and how funding is being used.
  • Submit a copy of the proposal in presentation form and present the research results at a NARACES or ACES conference when the next call is announced, [The next call would be for NARACES 2022 or ACES 2023 conferences.] or provide the research grant committee chair a copy of the manuscript of the research results that has been submitted to a refereed journal for publication consideration
  • The researcher will include an acknowledgment of NARACES financial support of the project in all reports, presentations, or publications related to the supported project.
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