The NARACES Executive Council is accepting nominations and self-nominations for the following positions: 

NARACES President-Elect (2022-2025) 

NARACES Presidents serve a three-year term on the Executive Council in the role of President-Elect, President, and Past-President: President-Elect (2022-2023)/President (2023-2024)/Past-President (2024-2025). Please note that when in the positions of NARACES President-Elect and NARACES President, this role includes membership on the Governing ACES council and attendance to all ACES governing council meetings is required. 

a.    The president‑elect shall act as president at all Association and Executive Council meetings in the absence of the president and shall succeed to the presidency at the expiration of the term president‑elect (July 1). 

b.     The president shall be the chief executive officer of the Association and the chairperson of its Executive Council. The president shall appoint chairpersons and members of all committees, unless otherwise specifically provided for in these by-laws or by the motion establishing such committees and shall hold ex-officio membership on all committees. The president shall call all regular and special meetings of the Association when necessary and shall report annually to the Association upon action of the Executive Council and other items of concern to the members. The president shall oversee the annual fall conference. The address of the president shall be used as the official mailing address of NARACES. The president shall receive and act upon all correspondence relating to the Association. The president shall represent NARACES on the ACES Executive Council. 

c.     The past president shall serve as a parliamentarian, Chairperson of the Nomination and Election Committee, and serve on the Executive Council and Executive Committee of the Association. 

d. Elected individual must be available for the ACES Summer Meeting June 10 and 11, 2022 in Salt Lake City, meetings at the ACA Conference, as well as participation in quarterly Zoom meetings. The individual is required to actively attend and support regional board meetings and fulfill the duties of their position set by regional bylaws and policy handbooks. In their final year, they will serve on the ACES election and nominations committee, support regional officer nominations, and participating in the nominations and elections process for national ACES leadership. 

NARACES Secretary-Elect (2022-2024) 

The NARACES Secretary serves a two-year term on the NARACES Executive Council in the roles of Secretary-Elect (2022-2023) and Secretary (2023-2024).  

a.   The secretary-elect shall act as secretary at all Association and Executive Council meetings in the absence of the secretary and shall succeed to the office of secretary at the expiration of the term as secretary‑elect. 

b.   The secretary shall keep the records of the Association and the Executive Council, work in cooperation with the president in handling NARACES [minutes] and perform such other duties assigned by the president and/or the Executive Council. 

Graduate Student Representative (2022-2024) 

The NARACES Graduate Student Representative serves a two-year term on the NARACES Executive Council in the roles of Graduate Student Representative-Elect (2022-2023) and Graduate Student Representative (2023-2024).  

The GSR to the NARACES Executive Councils support fellow graduate students, advocate for graduate students, promote graduate student membership in NARACES, ACES, and ACA, serve as a liaison between graduate students and the NARACES leadership and enrich the experience of graduate students as they progress through their counselor education programs.  

If you are interested in running or nominating someone for one of these positions, please contact Michelle Hinkle at 

For self-nominations, please include: 

  • A one-paragraph statement of interest in serving the NARACES membership 
  • A copy of your CV (please leave out personal addresses/phone numbers

If nominating someone please include: Contact information so that we can determine their interest in the nomination.  Nominations for these positions are due on November 5, 2021 at 11:59 pm.

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