Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to the brand new website for the North Atlantic Region Association for Counselor Education and Supervision!

Please be patient as we work to migrate the information, documents, and links from our old website to this one.  During the transition, some website pages may be blank or contain just bare-bones information.  Rest assured, we’re working hard to update and include information on every part of NARACES as quickly as we can!

If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions about this website, please feel free to contact either myself (mamariska@plymouth.edu) or Eric Perry (e.perry2@snhu.edu).  We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Mike Mariska – NARACES President


3 Comments on “Welcome to our new website!

  1. Excited about the new website, Mike! Thanks to you, Eric, and the whole executive council for making it a priority.

  2. The new look is amazing! I am proud to be a member of NARACES! As a new professional, I look forward to being an active member. Again, thank you and the new digs look great!

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